Saturday, February 12, 2011

14th February VS 12 Rabi'ul Awwal

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what a week..really pissed me off..and not at least the bad week at all..subhanaallah..i am really grateful to Allah because i am being tested as this much..thank you ya Rabb=)

further time before there were some people came to me and said quite something "kelantan and other places are just the same..EASY and CHEAP" first i just did nothing..then when i knew its not about shopping, i replied them "you just dont lowly say to them as simple as that..."..quite a while and i just leave them angrily but deep down i did thought about it "is it true?"..may Allah show me the best answer amin amin amin...

well then nothing much to say 'coz im a boring person...doing usual things daily..did repeated maher zain's album couple of times.not to mentioned other genres..keep looking at all the 'impossible-to-answer' questions, tried many but none..keep update with manga *wink* and yup...thats me=) thanks you guys so much!

so there will be the world wide celebration of Valentine's point..we Muslim are not do this stuff..MUST NOT!!!!

these some must-see videos..think a second about it=)

we do need re-think about it aren't we..

good Muslim parents should follow this example

do research..thats the key

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