Monday, January 31, 2011

pagi yang gelap

nothing to say much because i'm borrowing my sister's broadband..right now its the mid-sem break and a lot things happen while i'm not around the blog...being accused, being stressed, being dumped, getting here and there etc...well not that too much, and after this break i will be in this current situation but only with the triple 'force' than normal...huk3..insyaallah i can make through all this with Him=)

devotees - kekasih (full version, movie clip from Disney's: Up)

while listening to this evergreen music, i 've been wondering that if there anything else that i'd totally forgot to idea..hope so..astaghfirullah..what a day..1completed, the only left is on 8hb..

"Ya Allah..jika ini adalah ujian bagiku untuk mengukur tahap keimanan dan ketaqwaanku terhadap-Mu, sesungguhnya aku amat bersyukur serta redha diuji sebegini..hanya Engkau yang mengetahui batas kemampuanku serta buruk baik untukku..tiada yang lebih berkuasa,melainkan Engkau yang Maha Esa, yang Maha Berkuasa di langit dan di bumi...aminn ya Rabb..."

...even though i have trained to restrain these circumstances..but its still not 100% fit to that aim..i will keep trying to do as best i can do.."do more expect less"..need to figure out these words soon...wish me luck!
"control system","offset table","methodology","celerity" etc...


next is the week 25..yeah

that's the origin..hak3;p

hobby during leisure time.."insane" isn't it?=)

yeah..the least in the list..bored"lagho"kan

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