Monday, February 21, 2011

all the way up!

Saturday, february 19th, 2011...i missed the "pt pagi" with others..been busy with stuffs etc...i'd done it in my room, with seat-up and push-up for about 10-20 times...hik3 normal value isn't it?;p

by the way..right now i am quite happy (50% less, actually)...its like 2 down, lots more to go=( 4 more first tests,  with the combination of assignments and first lab report about "ship theory"...yup i am still smile just like her...
she's cute when she smile right? edited photo, by satyakki..HQ picture if i'd say..
then i just remembered a song about smile = senyum...have a bit of its melody

malique ft najwa - senyum

last friday night, my house mates and me were having BBQ..reason? yup..just for fun...sponsored, of course by me..1st time bbq was Faiz...its fine for me, sebab semua rezeki yang ada semua hak Allah..besides, when we give one to other, we'll get double..insyaallah, ini janji Dia...:-) never ever argue it orait?

need to put a fullstop, for now...still, need to work hard - lazy...autocad things, huhhh...;p

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