Friday, November 26, 2010


that was a good hibernation yesterday!!!(>.<) ...due to raining all day long..hehee



how's your day fellas? good? exciting? thrilling? or may be a sad one? that's all just fine..thanked Him...'cause we still can felt 'em the i am not doing hibernate thing ok..emm just lots of sleepy hours..well, i did a thing or two today...let see............borrowed notes, gaming, read latest manga...owh i did something today! *haihhh hape la aq mengarut ni*

i've nothing to share about...nothing interesting event happens...watching asian games all event updates, blurring and yawning..*istighfar* emmm..i went to play basketball today..played with some cool players..most of them were chinese, and just a few malays..the indian players not came, may be they got something to do..managed to play 2 games only, but great games i had...hehee of course they were no pictures taken..what happened?
------> i'd done no blocking, a few assists and screens, and i got a slow whooping from the spectators, "**bai!", "whoa!!"..that happened when i managed to finish the cuts and passed through, not a player but 3 in one time..hehee quite awesome for a no-good player like me but the finishing quite disappointed...any how i hope i still can play with good condition without any injuries insyaallah...reminded me about that ol' days..with my team mates...played after school, had matches on the evening..parted in contests.....masyaallah, thanked Him for the meet..
all team gathered..excluding me;p

acted as a "loan" player for udm (unisza) team

see ya!V(^^)

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