Saturday, April 23, 2011

time is gold

it is quite a long time since my last post...
well kind of busy here..
im in the middle of final examination, and tomorrow's 3pm (april 23rd, 2011), will be my 3rd paper...
3 to go!!!=)

its not like i have enough time to do revision, as not i dont have enough either..
but i do try my best to manage my time as smooth as 24/7 all around...

well for those who are in the same boat as me, wish you guys all the best...
aja fighting!=b
my final papers
after returned from library (my world's record..studied at there), suddenly i got a lightning-shocked...
i remembered a thing..
"masa itu emas"
wal 'asr (1:103 al-'asr)

then these 3 songs came to me...
"demi masa...sesungguhnya manusia kerugian...melainkan...yang beriman dan yang beramal soleh..."
"..our time is running out..our time is running cant push it cant stop it screaming out..."
"...oh don't, don't, don't get can't see the sunshine...oh i'll be waiting for you baby...cause i'm through...sit me down...shut me up...i'll calm down...and I'll get along with you"

after the 0.002 s of processed impulse, then it came out these...
"because of time, im running out of i need to recover it back coz i only live once"

.....just think about it..

" time..."
"remember five things, before five things.."
"healthy before sick.."
"young before old.."
"having before needing.."
"spare the time before time is limited.."
"life before death..."



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