Saturday, July 23, 2011


(typing while sleepy + listening to randomly played songs)

Khusyuk amat; assembling the sealant tape...

eh!? mis-targeted...;p

Meet my practical friends; from left: tan, ilah, ima, farid...

yeah...feel the sea breeze~

botok (right); done the the 'dive' during dry docking operation...
salam 'alaik guys...its been a while..too lazy (not busy) to do blogging...
now its only 2 weeks left before return home..i'll manage to fast here while this practical session, for the first 6 days of Ramadhan..
well, these pictures and more were taken almost by tan and me to him;-)
nothing to say much...
jaga solat, jaga diri, and senyum sokmo!
(=.=) sweet dreams~

bismilla hirrahma nirrahim...bismikalla humma ahya wa amuut..amin ya Rabb

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