Sunday, May 29, 2011

best song forever

its been a while since my last update isnt it? not because i'd quitted blogging..for this moment, i am undergo practical course for about 12 weeks, started 16th may 2011 until 5th august 2011 soon..more or less, it is 3 months period..doing it at perlis marine engineering sdn bhd, most likely i will do all things; mechanical, electrical, welding, piping, carpentry, and all stuff within machine shop..yup do things from a "kuli" so that i can gain abundance of knowledge and experience to face real working world..not to mentioned that my course mates and me are hoping so much that we will be acknowledged globally..insyaallah we can do and perform well..

do you guys know what is the best song ever? let me guess whats on your mind...never say never? what the hell? waka waka? or maybe numb? well these are probably worldly..but know meaning of "the best" itself..what i mean is, terbaik duniawi dan juga ukhrawi..none other than the most beautiful, the greatest, the most meaningful, and of course, the best ever..past, present, future..forever..azan (athan,adhan)..its not as easy as saying it..know it deeply, from bottom of heart..menghayatinya memberi kita suatu perasaan yang amat menyenangkan, tenteram, dan dipenuhi kemanisan iman..

believe it or not..not much can perform azan..this sacred song, give us something meaningful daily activity to be done..sembahyang/solat or solah/ activity and the only way we can get in contact personally with Allah..and do mark my is all-around-the-globe-activity..continuously until the end of day; hari kiamat..

so fellows..its not always good or bad about things we do or get it, but it is about things within it..contoh and get your grade..the grade is just numbers..the most important part is what are you doing to achieve good thats what im doing right now..get the best grade while get along with the best way to get long as, kita tahu pegangan yang betul dan benar..

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