Monday, March 14, 2011

Serious! Practical! Fun!

thats me=)
with my buddy aswad (my right), and friends..
guest what;p
sea urchin...
inside of: marine gallery 1
inside of: marine gallery 2
serious, practical, fun...or can say eat, sleep, dive;p

yup..this is my first time ever being under water world, new world for me - scuba diving..get the lesson for scuba license..6hb until 9hb of march, 2011..

so new...but not just that..

when i was there,with silent, i witnessed the greastest ever creation of Allah..with all wonders played within my mind..subhanallah..what an experience i got..
all praises to Allah..

new things learnt, new things will apply..insyaallah

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