Thursday, December 9, 2010


heyya heyyo wataniah
gelaran kami
heyya heyyo barrey biru
kebanggaan kami
sebagai bukti.....ughh!!

salam 'alaik to you guys...have a nice and safe holiday!V(^^)
well im not into it yet,as i still have things to do here,in UMT..whats up with above? hehee...thats one of the things that i am doing right now.. rehearsal for the pelancaran 1daerah 1batalion..will happen in the stadium gong badak,terengganu..not for kawad (T.T) but for a show, and one of it is the tarian perang..i'll try to upload the video next time..
in the bus...going to stadium from the kem(^^)
uniszas+umts+civilians pstd..march up to eat!!! right now;p
dinner after the solat hajat with dato...
encik raja with "setan", kak asma, pjg, timoh, umi, and bella...
after tahlil,waiting to go home..lalalaa~~
with my officer, encik raja, briefing a little...*pehal mamat kt blkg tu* hehee...
theres some navys join us, palapes laut umt..quite funny when the try to do the rehersal and follow us..but i impressed of their spirit...go navy go!;p
*dulu tak la minat sangat, tapi sekarang dah makin addicted...hahaa*

right now, me and other cos-mates are in the first term of LI,which is we must start looking companies for our practical..." xwt ag ouh"...aumm!!!


  1. eh eh..akif..kem salam kt encik raja eh...
    teringat lak time kteowg wt tarian perang dulu2 kt dataran..go go wataniah umt!!!gempur!! wira!!

    1. sekarang da jadi "gentar tiada! gagah mara!" tgk la group Pasukan Askar Wataniah UMT